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Baby Girl Names Hindu Starting With ‘A’ | बच्चियों के नाम

If you are looking for modern and unique Baby Girl Names Hindu Starting With ‘A’ (बच्चियों के नाम ) then you have arrived at the right place.

Here we have provided a list of most suitable, short and modern Hindu Baby Girl Names with other important details like meaning, religion and popularity.

List of Hindu baby girl starting with ‘A

निचे बेबी गर्ल नेम्स की लिस्टआपके लिए दी गयी है, ये नाम बहुत रिसर्च के बाद सेलेक्ट करके दी गयी है जो बहुत ही ट्रेंडी और मॉडर्न हैं और सबसे जयादा पॉपुलर भी हैं। आप इस लिस्ट में से अपने लिए एक सूंदर और सूटेबल नाम जरूर चुन लेंगे ।

Check baby boy name in Hindi100 बच्चों के नाम हिंदी में |Hindu Baby Boy Names in Hindi

Check Baby Boy Names In English : 100 Modern Baby Boy Name Hindu| Most Trendy and Unique 2023

Baby Girl Names Hindu Starting With ‘A’
Baby Girl Names Hindu Starting With ‘A’

Summary of baby girl name starting with “A”

NameMeaningPopularity Rank
AadhyaFirst power or energy of the universe1
AahanaThe first ray of light6
AalokaLight, illumination197
AamaniNew moon, wish212
AadvikaUnique, one of a kind32
AadyaaFirst, beginning3
AadhyaatiFirst goddess117
AadyanikaFirst, beginning203
AadyapaFirst protector172
AadyapamaFirst, beginning166
AadyapoojaFirst worship191
AadyapriyaBeloved of the first196
AadyadeviFirst goddess189
AadyalakshmiFirst goddess of wealth198
AaralikaBright and beautiful201
AaravaliA mountain range in India176
AaravindaLotus flower156
AarushiSun goddess7
AarviSun goddess137
AbhaBrightness, splendor116
AbhayashreeBlessed with fearlessness123
AbhinayaActing, expression128
AbhinavyaNew, innovative149
AbhiramiGoddess of beauty152
AbhishaOne who is blessed159
AishwaryaWealth, prosperity2
Aishwarya LakshmiGoddess of wealth4
AksharaImperishable, undying8
AkshayaInfinite, limitless9
AkshitaUnbroken, unhurt10
AkshitaaUnbroken, unhurt11
AkshithaUnbroken, unhurt12
AkshithiUnbroken, unhurt13
AlankritaDecorated, adorned15
AlavikaUnique, one of a kind16
AlkaLight, illumination17
AlishaNoble, protected18
AlmaSoul, spirit19
AlokaLight, illumination20
AmairaPrincess, princess21
AmbikaMother, goddess22
AmritaNectar of immortality23
AnaghaSinless, pure24
AnaghapriyaBeloved of the sinless25
AnanyaUnique, one of a kind26
AnjaliOffering, prayer27
Anjali DeviGoddess of offering28
AnjaleeOffering, prayer29
Anjali PriyaBeloved of the offering30
Anjali DeviGoddess of offering31
AnjaleeOffering, prayer32
AnkitaMarked with a sign33
AnanyaUnique, one of a kind34
AnjaliOffering, prayer35
AnnapurnaGoddess of food36
AnuradhaA constellation38
AparnaLeafless, having no leaves40
AradhyaWorshipped, adored41
ArathiAarti, a Hindu ritual of worship42
ArpitaDedicated, offered43
ArushiSun goddess44
AryaNoble, pure45
AshimaPeace, tranquility46
AshokaSorrowless, without298
Baby Girl Names Hindu

Check baby boy name in Hindi100 बच्चों के नाम हिंदी में |Hindu Baby Boy Names in Hindi

Check Baby Boy Names In English : 100 Modern Baby Boy Name Hindu| Most Trendy and Unique 2023

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